Firepit Support

In this section you’ll find introductory information on your firepit, how to best utilize the videos you’ll find here, and safety precautions you’ll need to remember when considering when to enlist the help of a gas contractor or professional.

WARNING – improper installation, adjustment, alteration, service or maintenance can cause injury or property damage. For additional instruction and information, please consult the installation, operating and maintenance instructions thoroughly before installing or servicing the equipment.

Choosing a Location for Your Firepit

This video includes guidelines for choosing a site for your firepit, overhead and side clearance requirements and information on moving/relocating your firepit and tabletop.

Assembling Your Portable Gas Firepit

Step-by-step, we’ll take you through the entire process of unpacking, positioning and assembly of your firepit, including installation and placement of igniter battery, lava rocks and fire logs.

Connecting the Liquid Propane Tank

All of the information you need on housing, placement and connecting your propane tank can be found here. You’ll also learn how to safely check for leaks and natural gas conversion safeguards.

Lighting Your Portable Outdoor Firepit

This video segment will show you all you need to know to safely ignite, operate and shut down your firepit. Flame controls and operation of tank valves are also discussed.

Troubleshooting - Firepit Won’t Light

First check to make sure your fuel tank does have propane, then use these tips and techniques to restart your firepit.

Troubleshooting - No Spark at Electrode

If you’ve ensured that your firepit’s not starting because your propane tank is empty, here is information on how to check the ignition system and battery.

Troubleshooting - Burner Won't Stay Lit

This video will give you a few things to look for if you can light your firepit, but the flame is not staying lit.